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AGRIfinancial Services (AFS), a subsidiary of CGB Enterprises, is a leading provider of capital to farmers across the United States. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, AFS provides loans and leases to help farmers own land, operate their farms and make improvements.

As part of CGB Enterprises, we are a sister organization to Consolidated Grain & Barge Co. (grain marketing and transportation), Diversified Services (grain marketing consultation and crop insurance), CGB Fertilizer  and Consolidated Terminals and Logistics (transportation and logistics). AFS is the financing arm of the organization. In combination, the companies of CGB Enterprises provide a wide array of services to farmers throughout the United States.

AFS not only offers great value in products and services, but also backs it with extensive experience. The firm was created and founded in 1999 by Alan Singleton and Don Mattern, with CGB Enterprises purchasing the company in 2001. Alan and Don have over 60 years of agricultural finance experience and have been partners since leaving the Farm Credit System in 1989, when they founded their first company. They are backed by numerous others having combined experience of well over 150 years in underwriting, closing, servicing, marketing, finance, accounting and operations.

That experience and financial strength has built credibility. As a respected player in farm financing, AFS is one of a select few institutions serving as a central servicer for Farmer Mac. Currently, the company manages and services over $1 billion in loans and leases farm producers across the U.S.   The firm is also subject to annual audits by KPMG and a Louisville-based CPA firm, various state licensing audits, as well as annual examinations by both the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation and the Farm Credit Administration, a Federal Regulator.

AGRIfinancial serves large and small farmers, providing the best financing products and terms available from many investors. Our role is to understand and match the needs of farmers with the products and desires of investors across the country.  The philosophy of the company is to work through the origination and loan closing and stay with the customer and account to maturity. With a full range of mortgage products from low-cost, short-term variable rate loans to fully fixed rate loans and many alternatives in between, AFS can structure loans to meet the needs of farmers including flexible payment plans and open prepayment options, all offered at very attractive rates.

Throughout its history, AFS has endeavored to bring new, innovative products to market.  For example,  our  Ag Equity product offers a revolving line of credit secured by real estate, providing maximum flexibility at a cost far below competitors.  Additionally, AFS offers leases on farm structures and equipment that provide producers options and tax savings.  True and unique value, delivered by quality people in a way that fosters our ethical reputation is what AFS brings to meet your needs.  That’s our promise and our mission.

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AGRIfinancial Services
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