Benefits of Lease Financing

100% Financing Available - Leasing allows you to add all soft costs of a purchase into the lease including freight, training, warranties, etc. Building leases include site preparation, electrical work, concrete, plumbing, etc.

Flexible Repayment Terms – Lease payments can be structured to coincide with your cash flow. Most of our leases are written with annual payments, but monthly, quarterly, semi-annual payments are available.

Succession Planning – If you are planning retirement an equipment lease can be used to reduce your income tax liability and then the residual (buyout) of the leased asset can be assigned to the next generation operator.

Flexible end-of-lease-options – At the end of the lease, you can purchase the equipment, renew the lease, or return the equipment to us.

Sale/Leaseback - Any equipment you have purchased during the tax year can be sold to us and leased back to you giving you all the benefits of leasing.

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Lease Financing and Morton Buildings