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"Roots run deep when you are raised on a Midwestern farm." Although I left the successful farm operation that my brother runs to this day, I haven’t strayed far. After thirteen years in the Farm Credit System after college, the creation of the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation brought the concept of a secondary market for agriculture into focus. That concept, together with a desire to create something on our own, brought the original AgFi group together in 1989.

In those early years, we worked primarily with corn, soybeans, wheat, tobacco and some livestock. We never looked back, and one of the real blessings of what we do is exposure to ALL agriculture in the US. In addition to those Midwestern grains, our group has worked with cotton, rice, citrus, wineries, sugar, other fruits and vegetables, and large swine, beef, poultry and dairy operations. From day one, we have been focused on agriculture and rural America.

I’m most proud of our people. We have always had extremely low turnover in the company, with several folks who’ve been with us for 20+ years. As a group, our staff is very focused on personal service to customers, and that will never change. The majority of our team comes from an ag background with many still farming to this day.

At AgFi, we are a family. We value relationships and we want those relationships to last. We look forward to providing excellent service to you and your family for generations to come.”

Alan Singleton

President, AgriFinancial


Alan Singleton

President, AgriFinancial

Liz Naville

Vice President, AgriFinancial