Appraiser Processes

Welcome to AGRIfinancial Services. This appraisal section will provide all appropriate information and forms necessary to fulfill the required appraisal process for all of our loan programs.

Throughout the appraisal process, we will make every effort to work with you produce an accurate, well-documented appraisal that is within the scope of the assignment and can be completed in an efficient manner. By clicking here, you will find forms, sample engagement letters, and other information we hope will prove useful to you as you prepare your reports.

While these links provide detailed information, this page offers a few general comments. In the vast majority of cases, AGRIfinancial is not a local lender. In fact, we work with real estate located across the majority of the country. Because of that, we rely on the appraiser to give a thorough picture of the real estate market and the subject property. By necessity, we may hold reports to a higher standard than a local lender might. The keys to providing a report that is useful in this lending environment include the following items:

  • The report must clearly identify the location of the property and all comparable sales. A reviewer must be able to locate the property and the sales using the appraisal report and drive directly to them relying on a road map to get to the general area.
  • The reader of the report should be able to clearly understand the property, its use, and the nature of all the acres identified as the property and its comparable sales.
  • All adjustments to sales values must be fully supported in the report.  The appraisal must be understandable to someone NOT be familiar with the local market.
  • Appraisals must be ordered by the lender or a third party. We cannot accept an appraisal that has been ordered by the customer seeking financing.
  • Engagement letters are specific to agricultural loans. Please be sure to read the engagement letter completely to help determine what is necessary for the report.