Guaranteed Loans

Many of our loan programs are designed for established farmers who've built equity in their operations, but we also work with new and beginning farmers through our partnership with the Farm Services Agency. Through our FSA programs you may qualify for up to a 90% loan. Working with FSA, we can guide you through the guaranteed loan process and help find a program suited to your need.

Additionally, many livestock operations, including dairies, hogs and poultry producers can benefit from FSA Guarantee Programs. AGRIfinancial has extensive background in working with these kind of operations.

The FSA guarantees both Farm Ownership and Operating loans. Many of these guarantees are targeted to beginning farmers and ranchers and minority applicants.

The first step is to apply for a loan.  Contact us today and speak with one of our experienced credit staff about FSA guarantees and the benefits. Click below to view some of the potential products available for FSA Guarantees.

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