Product Benefits

Here's a List of What AGRIfinancial Services Offers You and Your Customers

  • Farm real estate financing – Competitive mortgages for financing a farm with terms of up to 30 years. Fixed and adjustable rates with combinations for savings and security. AGRIfinancial provides a broad product line that can meet any producer’s needs. (A sample copy of our rate sheet is included in this packet.) Rates change daily and are provided to you each day via our website portal www.cbg-afs-com You receive a password to access that portal (see page 19).
  • FSA guaranteed loans - AGRIfinancial works with Farm Services Agencies to provide guaranteed loan protections onproducer loans. This enables a broader spectrum of risk profile customers to obtain credit, and underpinsthe safety and soundness of those loans to our investors. Guaranteed loan programs are available on mortgage financing with terms up to 25-years.
  • Ag Equity loans - This unique program allows customers to use their land ownership to access a convenient, flexible line of credit which can be used for farm operating expenses, equipment or other business needs. At extremely competitive rates, the Ag Equity Loan from AGRIfinancial offers either a 5 or 10-year draw period and terms up to 30 years. It’s a great way to establish annual operating credit without having to annually renew a loan, requalify or pay fees often associated with setting up a line of credit.
  • Leasing for Equipment/Buildings - Many producers find leasing a preferred alternative for acquiring the equipment they need, or investing in a building or new facility. Leasing can offer tax advantages compared to a loan. In addition, leasing allows 100% financing which can reduce the cash flow burden on an operation. AGRIfinancial offers leasing on new and used equipment, as well as for structures, irrigation equipment and much more.
  • Programs for all sizes of producers - Whether you farm 5,000 or 50 acres, AGRIfinancial can provide reliable financing programs that help your farm grow. For clients who farm on a part-time basis (work jobs off farm), we have special loan programs that recognize your unique needs. For example, the home is often a large component of a small, part-time farm. Our mortgage loan programs have been adapted to meet those needs.
  • Residential loans for living in the country - Lots of folks aren’t farming but desire to live in the country and enjoy the lifestyle it offers. AGRIfinancial offers home loans and homesite loans. You can get financing to purchase or refinance your home, or buy a few country acres to build the home of your dreams.